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Hatch That Dream

Hatch That Dream Thank you to each and every one of you that has made part of our journey, that is Cupcake Central, possible. A little over three years ago, it is quite unimaginable to us to think that our team of 38 people didn't exist in the world we know as Cupcake Central. It was just a dream, an idea in Tin and Sheryl's head. What has happened over the last three years has been the best thing that has happened to us - yes it was bloody hard work and there were blood, sweat and sweet tears involved but it has made us wake up every morning going "yes, I am living life". 10k likes is a big deal to us - it's a milestone to remind us how far we've come, from baking cupcakes at home to now serving hundreds of customers each day, baking 1000's of cupcakes each day and more importantly bringing smiles to customers each day. You see, we love our job, so much so that it isn't a job to us. We live for this sh*t and want to make a difference in what we do. Using social media (love it or hate it) has helped us build our customer base, interact with you every week as we know we might not be able to see you face-to-face all the time. We also don't have a mighty big budget for advertising and we have to be a little more creative to keep growing and do cooler things. It's also the best when we hear feedback both positive or negative to let us know if we're doing well or we need to do better. We don't believe we are perfect but we sure make it one of our goals to make you happy and fix it if you're not...and that's simply because we do care. So why are there 100's and 1000's everywhere? 100’s and 1000’s could not exist without each small ball of sugar playing its part. Like this, Cupcake Central could not exist without you, our most awesome and cheerful customers. To thank you for helping us reach 10,000 likes and coming along on this journey with us, we are giving you 10 days of deals. You have given something sweet to us, now it is our turn to give something sweet to you. As our team has grown bigger and better, we are starting to realise why we got into business and the profound effect we have on the people we work with. We're able to turn ideas and dreams into reality - everyone that works with us also has a dream of their own and we are all working together to help and support each other "hatch that dream" of theirs as well. Whether it be that they want to be a designer (Sharam at Design Turtle), want to get into Advertising or even wanting to open up their own business one day, we're all here to teach/share/support each other. We're not just your average cupcake bakery - we sometimes even forget we sell cupcakes because to us we're doing much more than that and for those that have come to our store, phoned us, ordered online and experienced what we do - this is a heartfelt thank you because you've helped us Hatch That Dream. Tin & Sheryl

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