2014 - Stop Wishing, Start Doing

2014 - Stop Wishing, Start Doing
2014 is here and like at the start of each year, there's a lot of reflecting and goal planning. 2013 was certainly a big one for us at Cupcake Central - we opened up our third store in Highpoint Shopping Centre, we launched our first Cookbook "Hatch That Dream", we now have over 35 team members and we have made many people smile with our cupcakes.
An abstract photo that didn't make it into our cookbook but wanted to share it.

On the 8th & 9th January 2014, we had our very first Management Team Retreat with 11 of us heading to Rye for an action-packed two days of working on our Vision, Goals and Action Plan. It took us 3 years to get to the point where we would be able to whisk away the Management Team to all be together in the one place for an extended period of time (we open 7 days in 3 locations!). In 2010, when we first opened our stores in Hawthorn, there were only 5 of us - Tin, Myself, Tin's brother Dano, my brother Will and Andy our Baker. Working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week - it sure was a hard time for us but it definitely paid off.

Our "Low Tea" event to celebrate the opening of Cupcake Central in Highpoint Shopping Centre. Alyce here serving some mini hot dawgs from Phat Brats.
Fast forward 3 years - we have an amazing team of people that we work with day in and day out. Never have we dreamt how lucky we would be that we would have a team so passionate, vibrant and enthusiastic. Now, I'm not just saying this because some of them would be reading this, but anyone that has visited our stores can see the vibrant team we have working here. Yes, we may have our down times and made our fair share of mistakes - but who hasn't? We don't believe we are perfect in every way but we strive to improve and do a little better each day.
Our special Rekordelig collaboration cupcake for the Spring Racing Carnival 2013
After our Staff Retreat, we have come back refreshed and focused. We have some big plans to shake up the cupcake world and bring more smiles to your faces. Without the support and the people that love Cupcake Central, we wouldn't have been able to survive and grow.
People often ask what we do with our leftover cupcakes since we bake fresh every single day. One of the things we do is we donate it to a charity organisation called Willing Older Workers, whom supports mature unemployed people that often struggle in life financially. They love our cupcakes as it's a special treat for them, especially when they can't afford to go out to eat.
Only a few short years ago, I remember working at the office desk and saying to myself "I wish I had my own business, a cupcake store", to me it was just a wish and I would day dream about how great my life would be. Now, I'm living that dream... I didn't make this happen all by myself - I owe this to Tin, my brother, Dano, my parents, the friends that supported me, our fantastic customers and most of all our team - without these people that dedicate their working life to be here at Cupcake Central, wanting to be part of this journey - we may not be here today.
 The Adventure Time cupcake that won the competition to have their cupcake design turn into reality. It was a rainbow cake with a bubblegum "ice cream" filling and green tea frosting.
Owning a business is damn hard work, many believe that if you turnover millions of dollars all of it goes into your pocket - this is so far from the truth, you have to make lots of sacrifices, take the risk and most of that money that you call 'profit' get's reinvested back into the business. Without the customers that believe our product is worth their hard earned dollars is a massive achievement for us and we're going to continue to deliver an extraordinary product and provide a beautiful experience. Thank you to all of you and for reading this.
A great start to the year is to start planning. Our Management Team are loving this Mi Goals diaries and goal planning books. Highly functional and beautifully designed.
Let's smash 2014! Stop wishing and start doing. - Sheryl Thai
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