Always on the move

Always on the move
Where did this year go? I ask this question year after year and each year it seems like time is going by faster than ever. Before I start posting up our Christmas cupcake gift packs, I wanted to write a personal blog entry as I feel as though most of my last few posts has always been focused on a new product or offering of ours.
I want to stop and reflect, share my journey a little. The last 12 months has been nothing short of amazing, challenging and exhausting. When people ask me if I get any days off, I’m always surprised – my answer usually is “You never really have days off when you have your own business”. Even when I’m not at work I’m working in my head and thinking of new ideas, it never really stops. The hardest part is keeping up physically to the hours you need to put into making the business a success. I am now very lucky to have a talented team of bakers that relieve me from having to wake up 4am every day to bake and then work on all the other aspects of the business till about 10pm. Without a great team behind us, we could not have possibly grown at such immense proportions that we have – not in monetary terms but in self-development, brand awareness and goal wise. For me, my business mentality is still what some may say “naive” where it isn’t just about financial reward, it never has been but I'm not silly enough to think that passion will keep this business alive, the dollar does.
Let me tell you it is physically, mentally and even more emotionally challenging to run a business or a company. Being a boss, a real boss, doesn’t mean you get to stand around and twiddle your thumbs whilst you order your staff to do their work. HELL NO. You have to deal with all the issues that arise, you have to keep growing the business, you have to learn and continue to develop your own skills to be able to lead a team, you have to ensure that your staff are happy, you have to sleep less, you have to be the bad guy and be disliked sometimes(!) , you have to experience heartache when something doesn’t turn out they way you expect it to, you have to make sure you pick yourself up when you fail, you just have to keep on moving....whether you like it or not. There is no time for you to be lazy because if you let yourself slip, you let others down. BUT through the toughest times, you will arise to the occasion and prove yourself. We learn to accept that as human beings it’s natural for us to fail and keep going. Being complacent though is what I think is the most destructive thing you can do. You get into a routine and you no longer challenge yourself, until that day comes where you feel like shit and you don’t know why. We all make excuses for failures sometimes and the very hardest thing to do during those times is to admit to yourself that your excuses cause you to fail. And you may have experienced in one point or another where you have an epiphany of some sort and a thing in our head goes “click” I have to action something right now otherwise it feels like the end of the world...otherwise we put it off for another day, month, year, 3 years and then before we know it there’s no time left.
And that’s what I admire about people that continually push their boundaries, whether it is in their new venture, a corporate job leading a project worth $100m, personal trainers that educate others on how to push their health & fitness boundaries and the Mothers out there that work relentlessly to take care of their children on their own. So with the new year coming around, let me ask you, do you have the time to put off that project, idea, venture, new career path that you’ve been dreaming about? It’s never too late... that is if you start right now and not tomorrow. P.S My goal next year is to have a recipe/inspirational story book out, if you can help let me know because I’m determined! - Sheryl
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