Ambassador for Cake Decorating!

Ambassador for Cake Decorating!

What exciting news to bring to you all - Cupcake Central have been nominated by the team at Cake Decorating Australia to be their ambassador for the next couple of months to bring you all things cupcake, cakes and decorating. This means that we'll be doing guest blogging and also some vlogging for the Cake Decorating website and also their amazing Facebook page that boasts over 32,000+ likes!

So Halloween has come and gone but here's a sneak peak of our Halloween blog post part 2 so that if you do have a Halloween party on later this weekend or even if you want to use these as inspiration for decorating other cupcakes, have a read!

Floaty Ghost

What you need...

  • White Fondant Icing (readily available from your supermarket in the sugar aisle you can grab a pink box of the Orchard White Icing)
  • Black Fondant Icing (You can get this at your nearest cake decorating supplies store)
  • A small bottle (like a vanilla bottle or food dye bottle)
  • A knife or scraper
  • Rolling Pin
  • Icing Sugar
  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting (White & Orange)

A floaty ghost is remarkably easy to make and you can create these cupcake toppers days or even weeks before baking your cupcakes.

All you need to do is grab some white fondant and roll it out. Make sure you dust your bench or chopping board with some icing sugar so it doesn’t stick.

Our little trick to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bench is to spin the fondant around each time we roll it out to prevent it from sticking. It takes longer but at least we don’t have to start from scratch when it sticks to the table!

Next, get a cookie or pastry cutter and cut out some circles. Then using a straw cut out two holes slightly off centre, these are the eyes.

Then using a bottle as a structure ( a small bottle of Vanilla or Food Dye is great) gently place the fondant over the top and gently using your fingers crease the sides so it looks like a floating ghost.

Let it dry for about an hour out of the sun and somewhere cool.

Once it’s dry you can pull them off the bottles and they will hold their shape. Pipe your cupcakes in the centre with a double swirl and place your floaty ghost on top!

Black Magic Roses

Black roses add a bit of halloween glam to your cupcakes. Simple to make and you can prepare these days and even weeks ahead before you bake your cupcakes.

Roll out some black fondant. Using a scraper or a straight spatula, cut out strips about 1cm wide and 10 cms long.

Next using your finger pull up one corner and roll it on a slight angle to create a rosette.

Then pinch one end of the rosette with your thumb and forefinger to make it flare out slightly.

Then using a leaf punch cutter (available at your cake decorating stores) to make two leaves.

Arrange the leaves and rosettes in the middle of your base and use a small dab of water to stick them in place. Avoid using too much water as it will make the fondant soggy and shiny.

You can also make your leaf 3D by moulding it with your fingers to crease up slightly. It should dry in this position. Sometimes I like to use another cutter to prop it up until it dries. The orange base here is cut out using a pastry cutter and the quilted pattern can be made using a Wilton cutter/embosser tool. Like the one below:

Frost your cupcakes by piping a swirl and top it with your dried Black Magic Roses.

Happy Halloween from Team CC. We had the best fun dressing up and making everyone smile (and sometimes giving some of the kiddies a slight fright). Enjoy the photos below and remember to check out Cake Decorating Website for our blog posts, vlogs and also recipes!

 Trick or Treat? Take one of our cupcakes!! - said the Wicked Witch

 Spidey man to the rescue. Thanks for the laughs Mr.Sharam!
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