Autumn Collection & Cakeburger!

Autumn Collection & Cakeburger!

Autumn is here and we have some delicious and mouth watering flavours to keep you happy as you say bye-bye to Summer. Affogato - As the name suggests it's an espresso and cream cupcake, with the scoop of frosting that looks like delicious creamy ice cream and tastes as good. BanArnie - Well it's just a cupcake that Arnie would like to eat. Protein packed, low carb & sugar with almond meal and rolled oats. This is mostly gluten free (we use Freedom Oats so if you cannot have the specific gluten in this oat please take care eating it). Coco Choc - For those that have a love of chocolate and coconut the two delicious flavours marry in this one delectable cupcake. Cinnamon Scroll - Ok, this is one of our favourites - a rich cinnamon flavour cake with a scroll of cream cheese frosting, cinnamon strudel and a light glaze of icing. To die for.. Creme Brulee - Makes a comeback again as everyone has been threatening that this comes back or else!! As it suggests it has a gorgeous housemade custard centre with vanilla bean frosting and a blow torched sugar top.

Dulce de Leche - Another one of the highly requested flavours to come back but we added a little twist by creating the most addictive house made caramel fudge that goes on top. Lemon Meringue - A very popular flavour, recipe is also in our Hatch That Dream cookbook, we definitely needed this one to come back. Mixed Berry Yoghurt - Another refinement of this very popular flavour, to give it more of a punch we have added freeze dried berries (freeze drying fruits locks in lots of flavour, no added sugar) and a delicious mixed berry yoghurt cake. Passionfruit - Yes this is back! How could you say no to a tangy zesty real passiofruit infused cupcake with a delicious passionfruit cream cheese frosting.

Vegan & Gluten Free Cupcake Heaven!

Cookie Dough - Using delicious raw cacao nibs from Loving Earth we created a completely vegan and gluten free cookie dough that goes into the centre of this vegan cake a delicious brown sugar frosting. Chocolate Avocado - One of the healthier options, no vegan butter is used in this cupcake and the frosting is made from real avocados blended with pure Belgian cocoa and icing sugar. Sounds odd, but absolutely delicious. Beets - Did you know that Beetroot juice was used in Red Velvets back in the days? This is actually a very interesting flavour that features freeze dried organic beetroots in the frosting and reall beets in the cake, a bit tangy yet leaves you wanting more. Carrot - A vegan, gluten free and nut free version of our popular Carrot cake. Tastes just as good and everyone can be happy the can eat it! Choc Berry - The very popular vegan and gluten free cupcake from Valentine's Day has made its return. A chocolate base with fresh berries topped with a pink berry frosting dusted with pure freeze dried strawberries.

Cakeburger! and Easter Sweets Workshop

Get ready for some fun - we have released some new classes! Click on the photos below to find out more and to book into one of these popular workshops.

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