I have this weird habit of singing random Christmas songs in the middle of the year when I'm doing a boring chore. I get so happy singing my Christmas carols that Tin calls me crazy and then I would wish it was Christmas so I could sing them without being judged. Today I've decided I can start singing these carols and also that I should really start releasing our Christmas Cupcake range! So here they are! You can of course order them from us for your Christmas party, gifts for friends, family or workmates, or because they are just so adorable.
You can purchase them instore the week leading up to Christmas but we recommend you order them online or via phone. They come in our two most popular flavours: Red Velvet and Devil's Food Chocolate. Each one is adorned with different Christmas sugar candies. Here are the prices for these adorable cupcakes.



Box of 6


Box of 12




Box of 15


Box of 30


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