Corporate Gifting and Promotional ideas

Corporate Gifting and Promotional ideas

PSA to all Marketers and EA's who are responsible for their company's corporate gifting or promotional products. Please, NO MORE PENS.

Don't get it twisted. I love a good pen, as I appreciate most stationary but please, no more pens. 

Yes, people may use it but no one thinks twice about reading that ugly text on the side of the casing. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a promotional pen and thought to yourself, I want to get in contact with that company. The only thoughts I've ever had about a promotional pen is, O hey, a pen - I need that. Only to use it in that moment and then toss it aside into the abyss.

Remember: The purpose of any gift, is to make an impression.

Why spend money on an item that the majority of people aren't going to appreciate? It's either going to be floating around unnoticed or in landfill. 

NOBODY: .....
ME: My two cents when trying to think up corporate gifting ideas.

  • Find something you would want or use yourself.
    Of course, I shouldn't need to tell you that you still need to factor in your customers but what I'm trying to say is, ask yourself, would this WOW me if I got it? 

  • Be Funny or Punny. 
    Everyone loves a good laugh. There are so many industry specific inside jokes that you can take advantage of. Find one and turn it into something.

  • Upcycle old ideas.
    I'm not saying traditional gifts are trash but traditional gifts with no new spin on it, is trash. Give them a reason to look forward to your gifts.

  • Be on trend.
    Sometimes, it isn't a bad thing to jump on the bandwagon. Unless, you jump on it way too late haha Look around at what the latest craze is and if it is appropriate, see if it can work for you and your company brand.

  • Perishables.
    You know I had to include it but for real, life (especially, Melbourne life) is all about good food, good company and experiences. We have enough useless stuff in the world and good food is never wasted.

Corporate gifting is a speciality of ours, we work with many trusted brands and when we asked them why they choose cupcakes, these are some of their reasons why:

  • Premium and Professional packaging.
    All our cupcakes come ready packaged in our premium gift boxes.
    They like that our branding looks professional and fresh. In addition, they didn't need to bother with gift wrapping.   

  • Added Personalised touch.
    For a personalised touch, we offer a complementary gift tag and ribbon that allows them to include a message to say "Thank You" or "Congratulations".

  • Customised cupcakes.
    If you are all about branding, we can customise the frosting colour and style of our cupcakes to reflect your brand. We can also can print basically, any image onto edible logo disc, including your brand logo!

  • Perfect for teams and the entire office to share.
    Even though you may be dealing with one representative of a company, more than likely, there is an entire team that supports them.  

  • Simply, delicious and everyone loves them.
    Basically, everyone loves cupcakes. It's a delicious, no fuss but impactful gift. We've never seen someone get given a cupcake and not smile.


 Corporate Cupcakes 



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