Cupcake Bonanza!

Cupcake Bonanza!
Things have settled down after the opening of the Workshop and we've all now got into the groove of baking, coffee making and getting to know the names & faces of our new customers. It has been one of the most exciting weeks for us and all our staff have been more cheerful than normal - it's not just the constant sugar high they get from the cupcakes. (yes, a fringe benefit of working at CC is that you have all-you-can-eat cupcakes)
On ocassion, we like to run "Cupcake Bonanzas!" to see some new faces visit our store and also to see our loyal cupcake groupies (you know who you are). So what is a cupcake bonanza? We like to give away FREE cupcakes when someone says the secret word that we post up on Facebook and Twitter. When? This will be running for the next 10 days starting tomorrow Tuesday 26th July until Thursday 4th August for both Hawthorn and Melbourne Central stores. How? Just follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the Cupcake Bonanza magic word and the first 50 people (at each store) to visit us and say that magic word gets a free cupcake, it's that simple. Each day we will have a flavour that's not on the menu on the day, so be prepared for some retired flavours to reappear. Must admit, we're not the first to do free cupcake giveaways as they like to run these in the U.S on an even more regular basis but we think it's a fab idea just to say 'thanks' to everyone for making our second store opening a success as every day we see more and more new faces coming to visit because their friend/colleague/family had told them about us.
Cupcake Central Workshop Melbourne Central - Cabinet
So help us spread the word and give everyone a smile because who doesn't love a cupcake on the house?

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