Cupcake Central Stall this Sunday 6th December at Dingley Market

So yesterday my mum goes to me in Cantonese, "So you're selling at the markets this Sunday?".
Me: "Nope, they don't have a market this Sunday, there's going to be a Twilight market on Friday 18th instead".
Mum: "No, I just read the local paper and it was advertised to be on this Sunday 6th. I just threw it in the recycling bin but I can go get it"
Me: *Searching on the Dingley Village Craft & Produce Market website* "Crap!! It is on this Sunday, I read it wrong".

Luckily my mum had read the local paper and asked me, or else I would've had more disappointed regular customers at the market and I would've kicked myself silly for that.

So we will be at the markets on:
  • Sunday 6th December from 9am till 2pm
  • Friday 18th December for the "Twilight" Christmas market from 5pm till 9pm.
We've been trading at the Dingley Market since May which was months before I launched Cupcake Central and since the beginning I've been selling my cupcakes for $3 each since I didn't want to overprice my cupcakes and deter new customers. However, since launching my business and doing all the cost analysis to ensure that my business will survive and that I'm not making a loss - I settled at pricing my cupcakes at $3.50 each.
At the start of my cupcake stall adventures, I never thought about making a profit and ran the cupcake stalls purely for experience, fun and for motivation to follow my dream one day. I would bake tirelessly for almost 12 hours in the late night/early mornings to ensure that the cupcakes were fresh and I bought the best ingredients (which also meant more costly) so people would taste the difference and at the end of the day, as long as I broke even I was happy. But what really made me overjoyed was the fact that people actually bought my cupcakes and kept coming back!
Now that I'm running this business as a full-time job, I have to make ends meet and ensure that my business will grow steadily.

I have decided it's time to increase the price at the Dingley Market to match the website price of $3.50.

So I really hope all my wonderful customers understand this and won't get upset. I'm really really looking forward to the market this Sunday as we missed the last market day in November as I was in Japan.

See you all soon! xx

Here are some recent custom cupcakes I've had the privilege to create:

Mini 6" Cutting Cake for Michelle's Wedding.
Flavour was Chocolate Orange cake with Orange buttercream.

Tiffany & Co Mini 6" Cutting Cake for Annie's 21st Birthday Cupcake Tower.
Flavour was Vanilla White Chocolate Cake with real Raspberry frosting.

A tower of babycakes and a mini 6" cutting cake for Katie's 21st Birthday.
Cake was Vanilla. Babycakes were Vanilla & Devil's Food Chocolate
with pink vanilla buttercream.

Last but not least "Om Nom Nom" Cookie Monster. I just made these today as a sample for a customer
and thought they were just too cute! I took a quick snap so quality isn't that great but will take more photos
when I create the final batch.

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