Cupcake Decorating Party!

"Frosting Time!" is one of the most awesome tasks here at the bakery for our team of bakers (yes it's grown to 5 and almost 6 now!). So imagine Maddy's excitement when her Mother organised a Cupcake Decorating Party for her 13th Birthday here at Cupcake Central! We were just as excited. I've only ever done this once, for my dear little cousin over at her house. Yes there was a lot of screaming, yelling, running around, fondant and icing sugar e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. but all the girls (and boys) had the time of their life and all squealed that it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

So I have been contemplating for a while to set up instore Cupcake Decorating Party packages but never really got around to it but as Maddy's mum was enthusiastic to arrange a party for her here, I thought this was a great chance finally implement the idea. It's also been quieter on the weekends over the holiday break so we thought it would be a good chance to roll this idea out so we don't end up ripping our hair out.

So the girls got 90 minutes in the Cupcake Central sleek open kitchen being taught & shown how to roll out fondant and create their own fondant cupcake toppers, practising their piping techniques and being able to show their creative flair of decorating cupcakes. They also got to take home their 6 cupcakes in one of our special gift boxes...and also another little surprise being one of the first people to get their hands on a Cupcake Central's Batter Up Cupcake Mix so they can bake them at home!

They sure had fun and the noise was bellowing out of our kitchen into the alley way, attracting the attention of passersby. Some even asked Tin what was happening down in the kitchen, seeing 10 kids busily decorating cupcakes - to which he replied "We've just hired new bakers and are training them up".

With some of the creative cupcakes that came out of the party, who knows there might just be an aspiring cupcake baker waiting to come out!

If you would like to hold your own Cupcake Decorating Party at Cupcake Central feel free to contact us at

And this here is gorgeous Cooper showing off his fondant Teddy Bear, who knows he could become the next Adriano Zumbo!

Happy Baking!

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