Friday 25th September - Sheryl's Online Cupcake Business Launch Party

Woke up today with a lovely surprise that my cupcakes got featured on my favourite cupcake blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. It's my favourite blog because they share anything cupcake related with thousands and thousands of cupcake lovers across the world.

Anyway it's ON! Ok lock the date in, the party is set for Friday 25th September 2009. September could possibly be one of the worst month's to plan an event since I have a wedding, hens night, huge wedding cupcake order amongst birthday's (my darling bf whom decided not to have a birthday party this year because of all these events clashing). I've decided to lock in this date and work towards it because it'll just keep slipping, I just have to make this happen.

The website is under construction and the secret name of my business will be revealed on the night. I am way too excited because I feel like it has taken a long time to get to this point, much longer than I anticipated. Some days I feel like I have NO CLUE of what I'm doing and run around like a headless chook but other days I feel my dream is indeed coming true.

I'm surprised with all the positive feedback I've received, at first I would jest about how I'm starting my 'cupcake' business and wait for the other person to laugh and say "Wow, really? Cupcakes?" but that's only happened once and that guy was a dick. I now proudly say "I run my own business" when people ask me what I do for a living and everyone has been so supportive about it. Feels great! Such a small thing can change your whole self-perception and also the perception of the people that you meet as well. Networking, I believe, is one of the greatest tools you'll need in your business to truly make it successful.

Invites to my launch party is to come but it'll be an open invite so that everyone can come and enjoy a cupcake and some champers!
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