Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year where you can dress up like a decaying zombie on the streets and feel like you belong. Halloween is becoming increasingly popular each year and these little horror beauties have been flying out the door as we've been making them since Friday and will be doing so up until Halloween Day - Wednesday 31st October.

You can order Halloween cupcakes online here or call us up on 03 9077 4542. We're taking orders up until Tuesday so you can get your oozing brains and decapitated rotting fingers in dirt cupcakes. Trick or Treat? For those of you that will be joining the CC crew and dressing up like zombies, if you come visit us on Halloween (this Wednesday) - say "Trick or Treat?" and we will give you a free special edition Halloween cupcake. One per person, availble at both stores. Check out these gorgeously hideous zombie ladies eating our brain cupcakes!

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