I can see a rainbow!

Welcome back from Easter break, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and ate a lot of delicious food without feeling guilty! It has been a while since I have been able to blog and write about my adventures and it’s almost mid-April.

We’ve been busy running workshops, creating new flavours and improving the business behind the scenes. We are truly lucky to have such a dedicated team of people working at CC, they actually like working so much that even on their days off they come and visit the store! Our team of amazing bakers were chatting the other day and Tin piped up and asked a silly question “Can we bake Red Velvets in different colours?” we all chuffed at the idea, Red Velvets are supposed to be red! Or were they...? So curiosity got the better of us and experimenting we went.

And this was the result...the Colour Velvets collection just in time for Easter.
As we posted up the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@cupcakecentral) and Pinterest (officially addicted). We started getting flooded with likes and comments – we weren’t the only ones the ones that though these Colour Velvets were fun. Yes, they were just different coloured Red Velvet cupcakes but boy they were so pretty to look at. So we did a two day limited edition Colour Velvets collection just before Easter. Colour me happy! As it has been pouring down with rain today (Easter Monday) with sunshine appearing straight after, it got me thinking about rainbows. What they mean, what they symbolise. A lot of people ask me “So how many days do you work?” my answer is “7 days” – sometimes I get half a day off. Running a business is a lot of hard work, there's no stopping. You have your highs and you have your lows – problems arise all the time, there is a reaction to every action you make and also actions that you don’t make (i.e procrastination). Decisions can sometimes be bad ones and you learn that you’re not perfect. Rainbows symbolise hope. After all the rain and the pain, once it clears you’ll find that rainbow again. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out when the rain will stop and the sunshine will come but hope is what will help you keep going. There are times when you feel like you want to give up when things get tough but that hardship is going to make you stronger, you’ll be able to take the rain, the hail, the thunder and eventually you’ll see that beautiful, bright rainbow you’ve been hoping to see and as soon as you do you'll realise it was all worth it.
On a side note, I’m going to write a dedicated post to this soon but we’ve recently started another venture called Dessert 1st. It has always been a dream of my Mum, Alice, to own her own dessert store. Ever since I was young she was always creating delicious Asian inspired desserts for family gatherings and friend’s parties. So as a team, we put our heads together to build this new concept store in Springvale. It is a lot healthier than cupcakes, I admit. It has very similar values to CC where everything is made fresh with real ingredients with a home made touch.
Come and visit if you’re in the area. It’s located in the new block of shops & apartments in the heart of Springvale. Shop 35C Buckingham Ave, Springvale 3171. x Sheryl
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