If you're not growing, you're dying. There's no in between.

When an apple is still on it's tree, it keeps growing and growing but once it's been picked it's no longer growing and starts to die. There's no in between - where it will stay in that state forever.
"If you're not growing, you're dying. There's no in between." - Tony Robbins
Our Company started off as a small business, myself being the sole trader operating from my registered home kitchen, getting orders through word of mouth and through my $500 website. It has been growing rapidly ever since and there hasn't been a period where it was stagnant because I was always looking for ways to learn and improve. As a business owner, an entrepreneur or even as an employee, there is a need to keep improving and learning. Without it, life would be a bore and you wouldn't be getting anywhere anytime soon. What I've learnt so far with our company is that we've had to keep adapting, learning and evolving "Cupcake Central". As we continue to grow, we've had to improve each time, correct mistakes and plan for what the future holds.
Each week our team of pastry chefs (all have studied at William Angliss - one of the best pastry schools out there!) will take turns to come up with a new flavour for Surprise Flavour Friday. We all get excited about getting a new flavour out there every Friday and we have a little competition on who's flavour sells out first. It keeps the team learning new techniques from each other and keeps things interesting. Here's our Head Baker, Daniel, decorating Rosewater Pistachio cupcakes.
It's quite unbelievable how much support we've received over the past 6 months since Hawthorn opened and we receive so much lovely feedback from customers about our product and friendly service. We have really built this business on passion, making a difference and on a dream - we don't solely focus on the bottom line and hopefully everyone that has stepped foot in our store or ordered online can see how geniune we really are. So thank you for your support...
So there is some exciting news that I'm going to announce here today.
A Cupcake Central Workshop will be opening on 1st Late June 2011 in Melbourne Central Level 2 Dining Hall!
This is essentially will be our second store but it will be a whole new different concept and design... it is going to blow your mind. You will be able to watch as our Pastry Chefs bake and decorate fresh cupcakes in our workshop area. So prepare to see our brand and design evolve into something that shows what we're all about - quality, the dream, the aspiration. We're so so ...SO much more than just a cupcake bakery, if you've come to visit our store you'll understand why. We're so very excited and hope you will come on this journey with us, visit us when we open and say hi when you pop by.
- Hatch That Dream -
P.S We've also been able to raise $1480 for the Red Cross Japan &Pacific Disaster Appeal which is phenomenal, so thank you for the support guys - together we've made a difference!
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