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On Tuesday 28th August 2012 we are looking for recruits to join our Red Velvet Revolution. After two years since Cupcake Central opened their doors in Hawthorn we still have customers that walk in and ask “What is a Red Velvet cupcake?” “Is it a raspberry flavour?” “What’s your most popular flavour?” The most repeated phrase that we respond in day in and day out is that “The red velvet cupcake is a light cocoa cake with a cream cheese frosting” it is merely a weak response to describe how truly awesome this cupcake flavour is. Let us delve into the history of the red velvet cake to explain our coming of age with this Red Velvet Revolution we plan to bring to victory. The history of the Red Velvet cake is quite a mysterious one but the most popular story is that it was developed before the war as a devil’s food chocolate cake with vinegar. The acidic vinegar and buttermilk in the recipe reacted with the dutch processed cocoa to reveal the red anthocyanin in the cocoa. During WW2, vinegar was rationed and people started substituting the vinegar with beetroot to bring the red colour out in the cake. Over time red food colouring was introduced to create a unique and wondrous bright red cake that was perfect for celebratory occasions. If you are a history geek feel free to visit this site to read more about the unknown history of the red velvet cake.

The reaction of many when they bite into our Red Velvet cupcake for the first time is great to watch and witness. We sell 4-5 times more of this flavour than any other flavour. It is a combination of the magical bright red colour, the slight euphoric sensation that the colour brings and the subtle flavours of vanilla and cocoa that come together to create a perfect velvety match with a smooth cream cheese frosting. We need an army to join us to complete a mission. The mission is simple – to spread the word about this Red Velvet that it is an old age cake brought to our new world that represents victory. Victory is what you want to celebrate. Whether it is your birthday and surviving another 365 days, having achieved that “Ah-ha” moment in your life or simply victory because you are so full of awesome. Recruits, if you’re joining the revolution you will need your sustenance in form of a delicious Red Velvet cupcake. If you are chosen as one of our elite you will be given a tattoo to represent the Elite team to bring us to Victory by spreading the word to all you see. Join us on Tuesday 28th August at 10AM at our store in Hawthorn or Melbourne Central to take part in this Red Velvet Revolution. There will be fun times to be had.

To reach victory we need 200 people per store to come up and say with conviction "I am Red Velvet Ready"

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