Yes it's that time of year again where you ask the incredulous question "WHERE has the year gone? Can it really be Christmastime?"

Some might get that sweeping feeling of panic where you think of all the stress that comes along during Christmas with all the shopping and gift giving, party planning and so forth. Whereas some of you can't wait for work to die down and the endless barbeques and parties to begin.

Well whatever emotions you may be going through during the festive season, we know what we'll be doing. Singing Christmas carols in Elf costumes and baking cupcakes. But not just ordinary cupcakes - we have two limited edition cupcakes:


Naughty Santa (Raspberry Vanilla with Santa face). Our jolly and delicious chocolate cupcake, topped with a classic vanilla buttercream frosting, and just to be a bit cheeky we’ve filled it with raspberry jam.


Spice Spice Baby (Cinnamon Doughnut with Gingerbread). Let us spice up your Christmas with a Cinnamon donut in cupcake form. A cinnamon cupcake base frosted with a classic vanilla buttercream and dusted with sugar, spice and everything nice.


If these are too adventurous for you we also have our favourite flavours Red Velvet and Devil's Food Chocolate decorated with handmade Christmas toppers (yes, we sat there and cut out thousands of them by hand whilst singing Christmas carols).

Order online or call us 9077 4542, if it's anything like last year we got swamped with orders during this time so if you don't want to miss out, order as early as possible. Make everyone happy by sharing a box of amazing treats and hello, have you seen how adorable that shimmery snowflake is on that cupcake!!

Have a sweet Christmas, y'all!

- The Cupcake Central Team

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