Last minute gifts and wishlist ideas!

Last minute gifts and wishlist ideas!

We had our staff Christmas party last night where Tin cooked up a storm (he’s not a cook of any sort so it was a BIG effort), also had copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and we also played Bad Santa. Last year we didn’t have Bad Santa as we only had a small crew but this year we’ve grown into a big bunch and we knew we had to organise it. So the deal was $20 and we would pick numbers out of a box and each person chooses a gift from the pile in chronological order. If you didn’t like your gift you could steal someone else’s. It was SO much fun and you get to annoy others that really liked their gift. I ended up with a box of delicious Hershey chocolates and Dr.Pepper Jelly Belly beans. We won’t mention what Tin got *ahem* and this is my bro Will trying to open up a gift that Sofie wrapped in glad wrap, newspaper and string. Took him only 15mins to unwrap!

So it’s only 5 more days till Christmas and I thought I would link some good ideas to last minute gifts. A couple of them are friends of mine that have built up the courage to start their own businesses, other gifts are things that I think are super awesome and am a big fan of. 1) Water Bobble:


This water bottle rocks, as you keep filling it up with tap water and it tastes like bottled water. I’ve had several over this past year and it’s my favourite, not to mention that it saves money AND the environment. Think about how much would you waste on bottled water a week?! Then not to mention the times that you forget to recycle your bottle. It would make you cry. Yes, I'm a recycling freak and I feel like a crazy old lady when I see someone throw plastic in the normal bin (at work, not on the street) and I dig my hands in to sort out the trash. Recycle people, it's not hard. 2) Lush: ROCKSTAR Soap:

Yes it is that shop that has a strong smell of perfume that hits you like a sucker punch when you walk in and you’re not used to it... and the soaps are quite expensive too. But you don’t understand.... once you use one of their soaps, especially my favourite Rockstar one, a shower or bath is not the same without it. They hand make all their stuff with vegan ingredients and it oh-so-luxurious. I can’t wait to have a shower right now because I just bought myself some new soap. 3) Sterling and Hyde – Handbags:


I had the privilege of meeting Amy not too long ago and am so inspired by her story of how she left the corporate world working as a Lawyer (!), sold her houses (!!), to move down to Sorrento (!!!) and pursue her dream of owning her own handbag & accessory boutique. That was a year ago and her business is now a huge success with lines out the door during busy periods like over the Summer break. What is different about her handbags are that they’re designed by her and made from quality Italian leather – but what wins it for me is that she has fantastic personable and genuine customer service. She goes above and beyond and that’s why I’ve just ordered this gorgeous handbag as a gift to myself for Christmas (thanks Tin). 4) TOMS shoes:


A few years ago I saw this amazing doco on this movement of a company that was giving away one pair of shoes to someone in need every time someone bought a pair of their shoes. I thought it was the most fantastic idea ever. Shoes are SO important when you think about it. Without shoes you could get infections, your feet would be in so much pain (although sometimes heels aren’t that much better) and you simply would not go out without shoes. Imagine those in third world countries that probably dream of owning a pair of shoes and what it would mean to them when someone gifted them a pair? Well I just found out that you could buy them here (I’ve been living under a rock) and for someone like me that is on my feet continuously for 8 hours at a time, I NEED comfy shoes. I don’t care if they’re ugly as long as my feet don’t still ache when I’m about to go to sleep. Anyway everytime you buy a pair, you gift a pair also. You have to buy yourself a pair or get a gift voucher so someone else can get these. Don’t buy the imitation ones, only TOMS will gift a pair to someone in need. Help em out. 5) Little Feat Macarons :


Yes macarons are the new cupcakes and whoopie pies are the new macarons and caneles are the new whoopie pies. Whatever. All I know is that I love macarons and I suck at making them, believe me I’ve tried so many times and don’t know why I fail so badly at it. Luckily for me my good friend Pete is like some natural genius at making them and when he went over to France he learnt the art of macaron making and starting obsessing about it. He would bake batches of macarons and ask me to try them. I would die and go to macaron heaven. They are so unbelievably scrumptious as they’re not too sweet, with a slight chewiness that I love and because I know how much time and effort goes into one little delicious morsel, I savour every bite. He just opened his store on the corner of Russell St & Lt.Collins St in a little store with Guava Bean, so go and support them. 6) Gift Vouchers to attend Cupcake Central's Cupcake Baking & Decorating Masterclass 
Well this wishlist wouldn't be complete without writing something about what you can get from Cupcake Central! The gift vouchers have been a hit and we've had many lovely customers being so thoughtful buying a gift voucher for their mum, sister, girlfriend etc to attend one of our Masterclasses. Of course, it is sometimes so hard to figure out if they are free on the days the classes are on to pre-book them in so these vouchers are perfect as they'll get to pick themselves! Email me at to get more info or purchase a gift voucher. It takes like 5 mins. We hope you all have a great Christmas break and enjoy the festive season and stay safe. The new year is going to be an awesome one so reflect on 2011 and make some MASSIVE goals for 2012. Thank you for sharing our journey so far. xo Sheryl, Tin and Cupcake Central Team.
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