My two loves come together

Believe it or not but I love cars. Yes I love cupcakes and I love cars. They are my two favourite things in life. I was meaning to post this up a while back but haven't gotten around to it but here it is. My two loves come together...

I love my Honda Integra Type R (DC5R), I've just had my two year anniversary with it and I still love it to bits. I know it sounds weird that a girl can love a car but I can't explain it, when you drive on your own on a sunny warm day with the windows down, your favourite music playing, the slight breeze in your hair, sunnies on and on the slight occasion you rev over 6,000 rpm - all your worries fade and you feel free. I wonder if anyone else feels that way or if it's just me..

When I first bought my car I met a bunch of friendly fellas at clubitr they taught me a lot about cars, especially Honda's, I even took my car onto the race track at Winton once and at the time I had no fear because I didn't really think I would stack... but after two close encounters with the wall and spinning out to the point where half my car was covered in mud and my hands trembling with Adam who was a passenger at the time & giving me tips, turned pale ghost white whom is usually cool as a cucumber type of guy and nothing really phases him... well I've been weaksauce (as Tom would call me) about going back on track and have been sticking with something cupcakes.

Below is a short clip of me at Winton Motor Raceway. Aaah isn't the sound of VTEC music to your ears? And I don't care if your turbo will beat me on a straight every single time, I still think it eats corners up and it's so much more fun and safe to drive. I sometimes like to be a smartarse to people that bag my car because it's not a when they ask "Why are your seats so snug?" I answer back with because they're Recaro bucket seats and they need to hug you when you're cornering on track or you slide all over the place. "Why don't you have a mirror on the sun visors?" Because it's a track car and you don't need to look at your reflection when you're trying to clock your PB time. "Why do you rev-match when you don't need to?" Because your mum likes it smooth...

Remember guys stick to the speed limits on the streets and only speed in controlled environments like a supervised race track. Hoons are not cool and most times everyone else is in their own car thinking that you're a tool if you try to do hoonie things.

A few of the guys decided to chuck a bbq for McGuyver's going away party cos he was heading back to the States, I decided to make some pretty awesome Honda Type R cupcakes to bring along and impress. These cupcakes are up there with my favourites. They were Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Ganache and fondant icing tops with the Honda Type R logos and Type R flags.

I also want to mention how grateful I am for this post Letitia made about my blog at Dujour Magazine which is a fashion & beauty print & online magazine based in New York, I just realised that you can actually buy this magazine here at MagNation so I am going to go check it out.

Thanks for all your support everyone. I am on my way to designing my website and stay tuned for a launch party in the near future for my cupcake order website (have to get all my registration and licensing done which I'm sorting out now). I'm already day dreaming about my launch party which will include A LOT of free cupcakes and champers.

Ciao for now,

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