Pretty Pretty Exciting Cupcake Times Ahead...

Just a short little post to share some thoughts and awesome cupcake photos. I have been receiving a few emails from lovely cupcake lovers & bakers from all over the world. It's so exciting for me to read your comments, words of encouragement and your thoughts. This love I have for baking is more than just that, it represents a dream, a passion, something that I wake up in the morning and think about endlessly. I believe that in life - to truly be living is to be doing that you love with a pure passion. It could be singing, cooking, volunteering, dancing - everyone has a dream. But as we get older we slowly let go of our dream because we are expected to find a job to make ends meet, to have that security of waking up to a paid job because that is what we've been taught to do since we were young. "Go to school, get a good education, become a doctor or a lawyer" because that is what a successful person is. But stuff that! WE have choices in life. We can choose to wake up and decide not to go to work anymore and do something that we love doing instead. My epiphany came about 5 weeks after not having to go to work anymore after working for 5 years straight. I realised that I don't need to rely on an employer for an income, I realised that I am much more my life. I am out of the rat race and dammit it feels good. If you take that plunge, have faith in yourself, you'll be fine. You'll be more than fine because you'll be doing exactly what you want. So if you find yourself waking up day after day, feeling like it's Groundhog day again and that you'd rather die than go to work again. That's no way to live. You have a choice so make it today, make a change. Life is truly too short to be doing something that you don't enjoy. And yes, we all get scared, you're thinking that I've got a mortgage and bills to pay without a job I can't survive. Yes you can, start daydreaming and writing down what you want to do. No matter how stupid or silly it sounds.

I started writing in my journal that I wanted to have my own cupcake bakery about two years ago. In my journal entries I would write down what flavours I would have, what my store would look like, how the customer service would be like and even to the detail of how people would feel when eating my cupcakes (answer: they would feel super awesome). I would tell my mum time and time again about what I dreamed of doing, she would always encourage me and when she asked "but how will that work?" I would tell her. Remember it all starts with a dream. If you stop yourself from daydreaming about it and keep on going day-by-day, you'll wake up one day feeling unsatisfied. So let yourself dream, let yourself have a few sleepless nights because you're so excited about an idea because that excitement, that passion reminds us all that we are alive.

Here are some fantastic photos my friend Tim took at Dingley Markets last Sunday. It was a very chilly day and I didn't sell out all my cupcakes but I have some of the best customers. There was the cutest little kid that was no older than 2 years old that came back three times for babycakes. And there was a guy that bought a cupcake and came back for another saying that he had half and his large chocolate brown labrador had the other half so he had to buy another. heehee.

Strawberries & Cream - the base had fresh strawberries and was super moist.

Coconut Ice Cupcake Line Up, this is one of my favourite photos.

Mixture of Babycakes. The vanilla ones have Jelly Belly jellybeans on top and the chocolate ones have dark chocolate Maltesers on top.

Princess themed cupcakes for a 21st Birthday cupcake order. I love these black & silver cupcake liners, they just look so elegant.

Also, I'm always happy to answer any questions you may if you have a question about anything at all or if you want to just share your thoughts, drop me an email. I have some exciting news in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned...I'm making progress. I hope you are too!!
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