Rain Rain Go Away! Come again another day.

Yes, Melbourne is in dire need of rain as our water storages are only at 26.1% and we're still facing water restrictions. However, this Sunday 7th May I'll be holding my second Cupcake Stall at Dingley Village and am hoping it will be mostly dry and I'm too hopefully wishing that there will be some signs of sunshine. But alas, we are in Winter and wow it certainly does feel like that in the past week. I am pretty excited about this stall because I want to experiment with new ingredients and flavours. I've found this awesome USA Foods wholesaler quite close to my area that sells real American food and candy! You can imagine the excitement when I saw Hershey Cocoa in a big tub, Reeses Pieces as dessert toppings, mini oreos, CHERRY COKE ZERO! Not only that, there were heaps of really cute sprinkles that I picked up for the cupcakes. There were really cute pig ones but don't think I will use that until the Swine flu disappears, I swear if I hear that 'swine' word one more time... 'so whaddaya rekon of the swine flu' conversation starters are as common as the 'gees the weather's shit eh?'. And yes being in Melbourne which is the capital of this swine epidemic means that we hear that word that much more often. Ok enough of the swine... Cupcakes, I've been sorta busily putting my business plan together and have bought a fab book to get me started. It's called 'How to Bake a Business' by Julia Bickerstaff. It must've been some sort of sign because when I walked into Borders in search of a business plan book, this one caught my eye as soon as I reached the business book aisle. First of all, this book had a cupcake on it, my eyes never miss a cupcake. Secondly, this was superbly named since I am trying to build a business that bakes. Thirdly, I need guidance on how to start a business plan! And I am loving this book. The author used to be a Partner at Deloitte and there's a connection because I used to be a Consultant at a competing consulting firm. Anyway, besides the point. The book has small bite sized pieces to follow to start writing a business plan. Let me tell you, I've always wanted to write a business plan for my cupcake idea but it feels like a Mt.Everest so I've always put it off... now I've found something that's easy to follow and seriously writing a business plan doesn't have to be the most complex document on earth, it's so much better if it's easy to follow, succinct and if the common sense shows then who knows I'll be able to find people willing to invest! So that's my goal. One step at a time. Oh and I hope I will come across a great mentor, that's one point I'm getting stuck at. Remember to drop by my Cupcake Stall this Sunday! The address is 31B Marcus Rd Dingley Village and no it is not the sticks (for you folk that don't speak Aussie, it means the bush or the countryside), it's very close to Clayton/Springvale. I haven't decided on the flavours yet but will have the Vanilla, Devil's Food Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet. I really wanted to make Lemon & Lavender but haven't been able to get my hands on fresh English Lavender! Boo. I will be using my new Hershey's Cocoa instead of Cadbury in the Devil's Food Chocolate so hopefully that will turn out delish. Ok time for cupcake pics. Ciao for now! xx lotsa love! Below: Lemon Meringue Babycakes - Vanilla babycake filled with homemade lemon curd, topped with meringue, fresh strawberries and passionfruit. Pupcake order! Personalised cupcakes for two dogs Monster and Kobe (free from chocolate safe for dogs to eat of course) Above: Hummingbird Cupcakes with Cream Cheese
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