Spring Collection arriving 5th Sep '11

Spring Collection arriving 5th Sep '11

We've decided that cupcakes, just like fashion, can arrive in seasons. We love experimenting in the kitchen and there are literally thousands of cupcake flavours we can come up with. So each season we come up with 6-7 new flavours and retire last seasons flavours (unless they're so popular that we just have to keep them as staples/favourites).

So to coincide with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) we're releasing our brand new 7 flavours for the season on Monday 5th September.

We're a proud sponsor of MSFW Dining Series which is very exciting! Yes you read right, it's buy one get one free if you present a MSFW official ticket to us. Plus Dannii Minogue tweeted us the other day how this was her type of offer, I do hope she gets to try one of our cupcakes when she's down in Melbourne next week, knowing how much of a fan she is of cupcakes we're curious to see how she rates us.

We are, of course, running very special promotions to promote MSFW throughout Melbourne Central and what better way to showcase our new flavours too! Drop by Melbourne Central from 5-11 Sept and if you participate in Melbourne Central's Fashion Hauls (those that want to start your own YT channels, you can start here!), you get free cupcakes. Details here >>> Melbourne's First Fashion Haul

Fashion & cupcakes go hand in hand, don't you think?

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