The disappearing cupcake act

The disappearing cupcake act
Cupcake Bonanza has come and gone and what a crazy but awesome 10 days it was. We had flavours like Raspberry Lemonade, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Milo Crunch and the infamous (and personal favourite) Cherry Cola.
5 minutes was all this took to have our Melbourne Central store raided. It was the most awesome thing we have experienced.
To be honest, running this self-made promo wasn't that easy as one would expect. With one store it would be easy as pie as one baker can create the cupcakes and decorate them with ease but with TWO stores, we had to call each other up and then MMS a photo to each other to make sure that they looked the same. It was good fun though as the store that finished baking first got to try their creative hand at frosting and decorating them how they wanted it to look like. The first day we ran this Cupcake Bonanza, we hardly got any people dropping by saying the magic word but by the second and third day word had started to spread far and wide about our cupcakes.They would start disappearing in 3 hours, then 2 hours then 1 hour....then a world freaking record of 5 minutes. I KID YOU NOT!
Thanks Cupcake Central groupies for the support! We really appreciate the fact that people come to visit our store JUST for cupcakes and I know the disappointment you might have when we sell out. We truly believe in just baking fresh for the day and trying to guessimate how much we will sell in a day is a bit tricky. Well my dream is one day we get busy enough to bake fresh cupcakes throughout the day so that 1) you get a super fresh cupcake to eat and 2) there won't be disappointed cupcake lovers because we've sold out of cupcakes 3) everyone can watch us bake at any time of day, not only just in the morning. I also have another dream to have my own Cupcake Truck...just like an ice-cream truck. Everyone has to dream a little, mine are just a little cupcake crazy!

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