Twenty Twelve is here

Twenty Twelve is here
Hello twenty-twelve. We hope you all had a great holiday break and enjoyed all the festivities – Christmas, New Years and Lunar New Year. As for us, we got a nice dose of Vitamin D at the beach, caught up on much needed sleep and partied...a little too much. We’re now back and getting stuck right into making 2012 a massive year! We did a team planning session and we’re pretty excited about how much we’ve got in store for you all. So we started off the year renovating our Hawthorn store with 80sq metres of tiling – as our brand has evolved over the past year with Melbourne Central opening up, we wanted to link the two stores. It looks fresher and bright, stop by to check out the work we’ve done. Our Cupcake Workshops and Masterclasses have been crazy! We’ve had so much interest that most of them have been booked out and I’m struggling to find time to fit more workshops in – but I love every single moment of it. I get to meet and chat to people that have an interest in baking and most of all I get to pass on my tips & tricks to make baking so much more easy and fun (let’s face it, baking can be messy, tiresome and frustrating sometimes). Just take a look at these creative masterpieces from our Masterclass participants. That’s the beauty of cupcakes, you can keep creating and designing new creations.
We’re thinking of running some Cake Pop classes in future too and perhaps a more advanced baking class. It doesn’t stop just at cupcakes though... When I started off with Cupcake Central as a dream, I never ever thought it would eventuate so quickly and grow into two stores within a year. I think the momentum of working so hard and having to learn on our feet has made it easier for us to start on other business ventures as well. It’s definitely stressful but a good type of stress, where we are constantly challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries.
I’ve been spreading the word about League of Extraordinary Women to a lot of people because it is a really worthwhile network for young females looking to do something different and start their own businesses – or just simply become inspired by other successful women. It is a venture that I've started with three other young female entrepreneurs that are now also my good friends. I remember being so isolated when I just started my business from home in 2009 and felt that no one else knew what I was going through. And I guess I wanted to be involved with this because I wish there was a network for young females when I first started out. Our next event will be held in Sydney on Thursday 9th February with a truly inspirational speaker, Jodie Fox from Shoes of Prey. Not only is she running a multi-million dollar successful company she is also a down to Earth entrepreneur that recently won 2011 Telstra Business Woman of the Year.
Jodie Fox from Shoes of Prey
Melbournites, you MUST attend the next event held on 23rd February as we have Katherine Sampson, original founder of Healthy Habits speaking on the night. She is a woman of resilience, experience and determination – her story will absolutely inspire you. Buy your tickets here: We had a sell out event of over 120 women on our very first event held in Melbourne and from the feedback we’ve received, many of the connections made on that night have resulted into strong business relationships and friendships months later. And all for all the boys out there that are going “that’s not fair, why can’t we go?” – you can check out The Entourage Ok, just wanted to let you all know we’re back and rocking. Stay tuned for even more awesome cupcake flavours and activities this year. If you have any awesome ideas, email us or drop by and mention them to us.
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