We have raised $163 for the Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal!

Thank you to everyone that came along to our Cupcake Stall on the weekend at the Globe to Globe Music Festival at Namatjira Park. As promised, 5% of all our cupcake sales will be going towards the Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal
and I am proud to announce that together we have raised $163.00! Please trust that this amount has been donated to Save The Children Australia, we have always been avid supporters of this organisation and believe in the great work they do in fighting for children's rights all over the world.

We also have a "Dream a little dream" cupcake gift box set available for order on www.cupcakecentral.com.au which sees $15 donated to Save The Children. So next time you're stuck for a gift to give, buy something that will give twice!

The festival was so much fun! It was raining earlier on Saturday before the festival gates opened and I was afraid no one would turn up. We were also awkwardly placed right in the corner away from all the other food stands which was disheartening but I used the secret and magically the event organiser dropped by our stall and asked if we wanted to move to where all the other food stands were as someone had failed to turn up. Although we were already set up, we jumped on the offer to move as it would give us much more exposure. The event organisers were so nice they let us use their mini bus and trailer to move all the way across to the other side and within 10 mins we were up and running, just in time as all the people started to roll in.

I forgot to mention, my Dad flew all the way down from Sydney for the long weekend and he was able to see first hand how I baked and sold cupcakes. He's always been very entrepreneurial and has had his hand in running businesses in the past, I guess that's where I get my entrepreneurial spirit from. It was really exciting for me because lately he has shown lots of interest and has been extremely supportive with my cupcake business. He's given me lots of advice and suggestions that I would never have thought about! He believes in me 100% and his encouragement has given me the momentum to keep going. I'm also trying to find a mentor that will help push my boundaries, teach me things that can only be taught through experience and answer my never ending questions. I think I'm close but you know how multi-millionaires are, they are very very very busy people. I just need to be persistent and show that I'm 1000% dedicated and serious about this.

That's me! We're all setup with the awesome acrylic cupcake display that I had custom made. I absolutely loved it as it turned out exactly how I pictured it would. Although, I had hastily wanted a larger display and the second shelf started bending in the middle once we put the cupcakes on it. I'll have to put reinforcements so it stays upright. Other than that, it was great at attracting people and all the wonderful comments I received from customers - it just made me feel so overwhelmed. Never could I have imagined lines of customers waiting to buy a cupcake from my cupcake stall. And the best part was watching them eat their cupcakes and devouring them, then coming back for more.

The 12 exhausting hours of baking I did over the weekend was well worth it - not because of the dosh but because I was able to share my creations with people that have never tried my cupcakes before. I only wish I had a larger oven, I only have a standard oven in my (council registered) home kitchen to work with which is why it takes me so long to bake. I also like to take my time, as I'm a perfectionist, and make sure that each cupcake is well presented. I want them to look and taste amazing.

If only I had photos from the very first cupcake stall I held a year ago. I was such an amateur back then compared to now. I guess it only shows how we can all improve, a step at a time. Thank you to everyone that came to show support and also to all the new customers that bought a cupcake on the day.

I'll finish with a quote which reminds me that modesty and being humble is a virtue.

"No truly great person ever thought themselves so."
William Hazlitt
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