What I love more than baking

I have to confess that there is something that I love and crave more than baking. It makes me feel happy, a sense of achievement and the motivation to keep going. It is why I bake. In moments of uncertainty of why I've decided to run my own business, this reminds me true and well.

So what is it? It is my wonderful customers and the rewarding feedback they give me on my cupcakes.

Sometimes, I am in awe when I receive compliments telling me how great the cupcakes are, some even suggesting that they're the best cupcakes they've had. I always unintentionally tilt my head on the side and the words "Really?" with tones of amazement slip out of my mouth.

Yes I have put hard work into creating great cupcakes but you don't normally assume yours is the "best" or "no.1" - I always feel that when businesses advertise that, it can be slightly misleading because everyone has a different opinion what the "best" means and is. So to get these type of compliments, it just makes me beam from ear to ear.

But that feeling you get when someone appreciates your hard work and the detail you've put in, it's so...rewarding. It gives you a sense of validation for what you're doing. A sense of achievement and conviction that you're heading in the right direction.

If you have visited my Cupcake Central site you'll know that I also create custom cupcakes. Custom cupcakes often take hours to bake and create, not many bakeries or cupcake businesses offer these services unless they specialise in creating custom cupcakes and cakes. They also cost a lot more than a classic cupcake due to the fact they take a lot longer to create, they can cost up to $8 per cupcake, especially the fancy wedding cupcakes.

I can understand that there are not many people that are willing to pay this much for a customised cupcake and I have this dilemma where I love creating new cupcake designs because I have a creative spirit and I completely enjoy it. So I don't charge exorbitant prices for custom cupcakes - I charge a little more just to cover the costs of the ingredients but not so much for the labour. Customised cupcakes can make an event, celebration or gift so much more meaningful. What's better than cupcakes for your birthday? Cupcakes with your name on it, or cupcakes that have a special meaning to you and your close ones.

So here are a few customised cupcakes I've had the pleasure of creating for my wonderful customers.

New Moon Themed Cupcakes, they feature all the book covers of the Twilight Saga. For the wonderful Khrissa who is safe to say, a HUGE fan of Twilight and nummy Edward.

Graduation Hats on Red Velvet cupcakes.

Koala faces on Cookies & Cream cupcakes as a "Farewell" gift. The person was leaving Australia so the koalas was to represent a bit of Aussieness with a cute twist.

And just thought I'd add a close up of the "New Moon" cupcake for good measure. I watched the movie on Sunday, managed to drag the boy along. I had to tell him to shush a few times and smack him on the leg when he was loudly sighing when all the girls were gushing at Edward (especially when he recited Romeo & Juliet) and his constant laughter when girls were whistling when Jacob took off his shirt. I loved the movie.
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