What the world needs now...

On Friday afternoon I jumped onto Twitter and started seeing tweets about an earthquake hitting Japan. My heart sunk as I started seeing all the photos flow through the news & media. For the last few days I've been feeling so many mixed emotions - sadness, this sick feeling in my stomach, helplessness, thankfulness and wondering what I can do to help. I'm sure you have all felt one or all of these emotions as well from seeing all those images of people that have had their lives just torn away from them, their whole world falling apart within minutes. It got me thinking that I'm just so thankful for my life. After a very difficult day of work on Sunday, I was extremely stressed out and frazzled.. but after I had a minute to sit down, I realised that all the those 'dilemmas' I encountered were simply insignificant to what the people in Japan are facing.
So in the next few weeks I ask you to join me, if you haven't already started, to have some compassion and send our love to those affected by the earthquakes & tsunami's. Let's not dwell on unimportant issues that we normally do. Don't get upset if someone put onions in your burger when you didn't ask for it, don't hold a grudge against someone that has made a mistake, don't feel angry because someone in front of you drives too slowly. Take this opportunity to be more compassionate and kind to those around us, smile more often and spread the love. Life's too short to be upset and angry over the smaller things. Embrace life and show the world what humanity is about.
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Cupcake Central will be donating 100% proceeds of our limited edition "Pray for Japan" cupcakes to the Red Cross Japan & Pacific Disaster Appeal from 15th March - 22nd March 2011. We will have them instore the whole week or order online at www.cupcakecentral.com.au or call us on 03 9077 4542.
Cupake Central is also participating in Plan's From Cup to Crop Dining to Donate campaign instore this month to help fight hunger. So if you have $3 spare, add it to your bill as 100% of this will go directly to help feed a child for 10 days in Africa.
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