What's your story?

Having a story behind your business and what you do, distinguishes you from the other businesses out there. It allows your customers and those who meet you, to create a connection with you. No one really wants to hear that you go into business purely for the dosh and to make as much of it as you can (however true it may be). People want to hear the heart and soul of how you started up, how you pursued your dream and why. Well I do anyway.

When I meet truly amazing successful people, I always ask about how they started, I'm always curious to know their story. I love reading auto-biographies of people I admire and their stories inspire me, it makes me want to dream big just like they did.

Some of the people that I've found to be inspiring through reading stories about them, their books, through interviews etc are.. Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Janine Allis, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga (yes I love how she expresses how she feels through her music and fashion), Soichiro Honda, Oprah and the list goes on. Who are the people you find inspiring? What stories have you heard that have changed you and or have inspired you? But more importantly what's your story? I want to know.

"The Wedding Story" for J&J
A unique custom wedding cupcake order where the couple decided on a wedding story theme where each cupcake had a different wedding cupcake topper to tell the story of their special day.

I've recently had several wonderful customers call up or email to compliment me on my cupcakes & website and also to add that they really love the story behind my business. When people mention that to me, I'm a little surprised as I didn't think customers would really take the time to read through The Story on my website. I've been so lucky with the number of emails, messages and even meeting strangers that have heard about my business, how I started up and how they admired me for doing what I'm doing. Anyhow I know I always like to bring this point up, but it's because I am so so grateful for the support and encouragement I receive, without it I would be moving nowhere. We also tipped over 500 fans on our Facebook Fan Page which I'm very excited about. I am seriously considering to have some sort of cocktail/cupcake party when it reaches 1000 fans for all to attend but hopefully there will be some good news down the track where a bigger party will be planned.

So onto other things I have been up to. I've been fortunate to meet Cecylia in the last few months whom is such a gorgeous person inside and out, if you've met her, you will understand what I mean. She's recently just opened up her boutique Cecyclia and with a bit of a similar story with a different twist, she's a blogger, has a profound passion for clothing, her profession is a Veterinarian but has recently gone to pursue her dream and opened up a fashion boutique. I have never met anyone else so passionate about clothing and fashion, she can tell you everything and anything about the labels that she stocks and is always so proud of each individual piece in her boutique. She tells the story behind each label, where the designer is from, how they started, what inspired them to create the season's trend. It's hard not to fall in love with each piece once you know the story behind it. She also stocks several designer labels that are not currently stocked in Australia. Here are a few photos of her beautiful boutique from her blog:

Cecylia also stocks our cupcakes in her High Tea area which is an area where you can relax, have some tea & cupcakes in between your shopping.

Cecylia is located at 1113 High St Armadale and more details can be found at www.cecylia.com.au

Just one last thing, I want to thank the support of my dear bloggies Khrissa, Mizzmai, Clare, Trang and Lynh. They have been so wonderful spreading word about my business and been more than supportive. Love you girls! x

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes for Trang, MIZZMAI & Lynh as they had a Alice dress up tea party.

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