Where there's a whisk...

So over the last two years we've seen over 1000 people participate in one of our Workshops or Masterclasses - how insane is that?! 1,000 people. When I first thought of the concept, it was scary on many different levels. Thoughts that went through our head were 'Would people pay us to learn how to make cupcakes? Would this mean that no one would buy cupcakes from us anymore and bake their own? Would we give away all our secrets and would it affect us badly?' BUTI had a dream, I had a dream that I wanted to give everyone the experience that I was addicted to - the first time I ever baked for my work mates and brought in a batch of baked from scratch cupcakes.

They were the most terrible looking cupcakes in the world but yet my work mates gobbled them down and loved them. I couldn't believe it and from that point forward I started my journey master the technique of baking. So I took that risk and started to invite people into our kitchen at Cupcake Central and teach them how fantastic it was to bake at home, with fresh ingredients, no preservatives and of course reveal our secret tips and tricks. For the last couple of years, every weekend, I would be running a class. Poor Prantee, my baking assistant, didn't have a day off on the weekends for months on end. We would both run these classes with energy and the vision that we knew that we were going to make people feel better about baking from scratch at home. It does feel quite daunting sometimes because you have to get all the ingredients, prep, mix, bake, decorate and (my most dreaded) clean! But we believed if we taught people the little tips and tricks we used in our bakery, people would find it much easier and more fun to bake at home for their own parties and events. Cupcake Central has always been more than just a cupcake store, we are here to give you an experience! So two years after we launched our first Masterclass, I'm proud to say that we were able to share the experience of baking with over 1,000 people - that is a great milestone for us. MYO_Whisk


We hope to see you all soon in our kitchen! For more info, visit our workshop page. Hoping you all have many baking adventures to come. x Sheryl

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