World AIDS Day

On Saturday 1st December, it will be World AIDS Day. In collaboration with Burnet Institute, Cupcake Central are supporting World AIDS Day with red velvet cupcakes. Pop instore during 26th November to 2nd December and purchase a special Red Velvet cupcake adorned with an edible red ribbon or Burnet Institute logo. $2.50 from each cupcake will be donated to Burnet's HIV research.



Here are some facts on HIV/AIDS from Burnet's website: More than 33 million people are living with HIV and tragically, it claims the lives of two million people each year. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infects cells of the immune system, causing it to become weak making it more susceptible to infections. HIV is generally spread through unprotected sexual intercourse or contaminated blood, but can also be spread from mother to child during pregnancy. "HIV/AIDS does not discriminate, people do. Stigma and discrimination will continue to exist so long as societies as a whole continue to judge people who have HIV/AIDS. You can help change this by encouraging others not to judge." - referenced from When I first started my business and even before that, I always felt this longing to somehow change the world. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to change the world through my passion for cupcakes. It was then I realised that I could create awareness and help support causes & charities with cupcakes! From charities such as Save the Children, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Japan Tsunami Disaster, SecondBite to Movember and World AIDS Day - we have been involved with these causes because we geniunely want to support them and believe in what they do. A cupcake is not just a sugary treat, I believe it's a symbol of happiness, smiles and joy. If we can use the power of the cupcake to create awareness and support charities - how can it get any better? So if you're buying a cupcake anyway pop by and purchase a special World AIDS Day cupcake and support Burnet Institute in the research that they do for HIV & AIDS. If you're a company, do something nice for your staff and buy them cupcakes to help support this cause. Order them here. p.s. We also helped Sharam raise $540 for his Movember account with all the Bacon & Maple Mo cupcakes we sold. If you want to be nice and donate to this pretty face here's his account:

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