Chocolate (V+GF+LFM) - Babycake

A vegan & gluten free alternative to our Devil's Food Cupcake, with a signature swirl of Chocolate Vegan & GF Frosting and naturally coloured sprinkles. *Does not contain vanilla alcohol.

We will try our hardest to get an order out for you and brighten up your day. In order to maintain our service levels and our product quality high there are a few things to bear in mind when placing our order for our Same Day Delivery service.

• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Baking Powder
• Bi Carb Soda
• Caster Sugar
• Cocao Powder
• Icing Sugar
• Natural Colour
(beta carotene)
• Natural Flavour
• Salt
• Soy Milk
• Vegetable Shortener
• Vanilla Extract
• Vegetable Oil
• Vitamins A, D, E
• Gluten Free Flour
(Well & Good)
see full description
under ‘CARROT’
• Nuttelex
Vegetable Oil (containing
sunflower oil 41%), water,
salt, emulsifiers (471,
sunflower lecithin), natural
flavour, vitamins A, D, E,
Chocolate (V+GF+LFM) - Babycake
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