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One thing we have dedicated ourselves to is baking fresh everyday. We recognised that the best tasting and the best looking cupcakes were always the ones that were baked fresh that morning!

So, whether you’ve been looking for a quiet space to have a cupcake or the best gift for your closest friend, you can be sure that your cakes freshly made that morning with love. Every sprinkle, every filling and every drizzle, that morning, for you.


Just a little bit. When everybody zigs, we zag. When everybody else makes cupcakes that are pink and frilly, our cakes have always been the stand out crew. Sure, they might look cute, but we have always pushed our cakes to have flavours and combinations you couldn’t find anywhere else.

This does start with the freshest ingredients and ends with us staying up late at night trying out new combinations and flavours. This is why our cakes have become so famous. They speak for themselves, and when you bite into them, you get a taste of happiness.


You know that feeling when you’re looking to get somebody a gift that is the talk of the town? Well, we have found that when you give our cakes to your friends, there’s a lot of excitement! “What cakes are they? What do they taste like? I just can’t wait to jump in!”

So what happens after that? It’s aways an event with Cupcake Central cupcakes! Its our pleasure to see somebody settling in one of our cafes with a cupcake and a coffee. It’s also our pleasure seeing people who are organising an event light up when they see their cakes for the first time. They just know they were onto a winner, and so are you!


We are a big company with small company values. When we started out, we cared about the quality of cakes, in fact, that’s why we got so famous so quickly. We discovered that the best delicious and scrumptious tasting cakes are the ones that come out of the oven that day. That is what we strive for! No day old cupcakes for you!

This means that every day for all our stores, our bakers are working hard. They get up each morning around 3am or earlier just so our stores (and you) can be full of the best cupcakes in town! That’s dedication worth talking about!


Innovation is the name of the cupcake game! We are constantly innovating, experimenting and developing new cupcakes. We experiment, create, and push the limits of cupcake technology almost on a daily basis. This means, when seasons roll around, we can update our baking schedule with the perfect cupcakes to match the season at the time.

We also keep on board our favourites. These the cakes that made us famous, and oh boy have they lasted the years. The delicate Red Velvet to the incredibly rich Devil’s Food Chocolate. You can be sure that when you get that sugar craving, that we’ve got your back.


Our cakes have a lot of love in them, from the Callebaut Belgian Cocoa to the Nielsen-Massey Bourbon Vanilla Extract. This even extends to our eggs. When it comes to eggs, we made sure that we have happy hens. This is why we always source our eggs as free range. This means that there’s a lot of love in our cakes, especially from the first crack of that egg.

In fact, this is why we have the phrase “Hatch That Dream.” Cupcake Central started as a dream, and just like a delicious cupcake starts with the cracking of an egg into a pan, we believe in the dreams of everybody we meet. From our staff to the the customers that walk through the door. Even the hens that lay the eggs we use.

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