Red Velvet - Babycake
Topped with a velvety cream cheese frosting, this decadent lustrous red cocoa cake has become the best seller for a reason.[custom tab]• Baking Powder• Baking Soda• Buttermilk• Cake Flour• Caster Sugar• Cocoa• Cream Cheese• Free Range Eggs• Icing Sugar• Milk...
Vanilla Vanilla - Babycake
The Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract takes the standard vanilla cupcake to a whole new level. It is fluffy and topped with a fragrant vanilla buttercream frosting.[custom tab]• Baking Powder• Baking Soda• Buttermilk• Cake Flour• Caster Sugar• Free Range Eggs•...
Devil's Food Chocolate - Babycake
A rich Callebaut Belgian cocoa base meets lashings of Belgian dark chocolate frosting and chocolate curls to create a cupcake so indulgent, it should be a sin![custom tab]• Baking Soda• Caster Sugar• Cocoa• Dark Chocolate• Free Range Eggs• Full Cream...
Salted Caramel - Babycake
A rich chocolate base, filled with housemade gooey salted caramel, topped with salted caramel buttercream frosting and natural pink salt flakes. It’s an unusual yet oh-so-perfect blend of sweet and salty![custom tab]• Baking Soda• Caster Sugar• Cocoa• Free Range Eggs•...
Cookies & Cream - Babycake
With cookie crumbs folded through its vanilla base, swirls of cookies and cream frosting and an Oreo on top, it’s no surprise this cupcake has become an absolute favourite.[custom tab]• Baking Powder• Buttermilk• BakingSoda• Cake & Plain Flour• Caster Sugar•...
Chocolate (V+GF+LFM) - Babycake
A vegan & gluten free alternative to our Devil's Food Cupcake, with a signature swirl of Chocolate Vegan & GF Frosting and naturally coloured sprinkles. *Does not contain vanilla alcohol.[custom tab]• Apple Cider Vinegar• Baking Powder• Bi Carb Soda• Caster...
Carrot (GF+N) - Babycake
Our famous moist gluten free carrot cake recipe with grated carrot, walnuts, cinnamon and mixed spices. Topped with our classic cream cheese frosting, dusted with cinnamon and a handmade sugar carrot decoration.[custom tab]• Baking Powder• Bi Carb Soda• Brown Sugar•...
Snickers (GF+V+N) - Babycake
A rich vegan and gluten-free chocolate base with peanut butter baked onto the top. Topped with peanut butter swirls, drizzled with chocolate and salted caramel and finished off with roasted peanuts.
Raspberry White Chocolate - Babycake
Decadent marbled vanilla and pink cupcake baked with delicious white mini chocolates.Topped with swirls of raspberry cream cheese, freeze-dried raspberries and shards of ruby pink chocolate.
Dulce de Leche (GF) - Babycake
An indulgent dulce de leche base that’s not only delicious but gluten-free as well. A dollop of dulce de leche buttercream and a small scoop of brown sugar adorn the top.
Mango Tiramisu - Babycake
Two flavours in one with fresh mangoes baked inside our coffee filled vanilla cupcake. Topped with a homemade shortbread biscuit sandwiched between dollops of fluffy mango buttercream. All finished with a sprinkling of cocoa powder and a triangle of candied...
Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake - Babycake
A homemade chocolate truffle is nestled in a ring of chocolate cheesecake buttercream on top of a chocolate and vanilla marbled cupcake. All sprinkled with chocolate cookie biscuit crumb.
Banana Cream Pie - Babycake
Custard baked into our vanilla cupcake topped with fluffy banana buttercream layers. Topped with a sweet banana chip. Sitting pretty in banana coloured papers. (Crispy stick not included on babycake)
Peach Melba (V) (N) - Babycake
A coconut vegan base baked with plump raspberries. Swirls of peach vegan buttercream topped with freeze-dried raspberries, slivered almonds and dices of sweet peaches.
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