Snickers Naked Cake - (V) (GF) (N)

$75.00 $59.00

(Serves 12 - 16: 7" wide, 7" tall) 
This rich naked cake is a peanut butter chocolate dream and 100% Vegan and GF! Between the layers of peanut butter chocolate cake are generous layers of caramel buttercream and a layer of delicious peanut butter chocolate truffle! Finished with caramel sauce, buttercream swirls topped with Callebaut chocolate and roasted peanuts.

Requires: 1 Business day notice.
NUTS: peanuts.


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Please be mindful that in the cooler months, our house can drop well below 20 degrees overnight, which will cause the cakes to dry out. On the flip side, during the warmer months, if not keep in a cool spot the icing may melt in the heat. Don’t keep them in the fridge though or they will dry out.
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Snickers Naked Cake - (V) (GF) (N)

Customer Reviews

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Janice Royeca
A cake for someone with food intolerant

I had this cake orderered for my birthday yesterday and expect nothing less as they used to have the cupcake snickers and that was a hit for someone with food intolerances like me (thank god I dont have peanut allergy). So I ordered this cake and me and partner loved it.
Only comment maybe have an option of a smaller version of the cake (like maybe 2 layers or 1 layer) especially during this lockdown you dont have someone to share it with. Its just me and my partner so it will take time for us to finish it. Haha! Not that I am complaining but it get stale over a period of time if you dont consume in the next few days. Thanks guys for the fast delivery the guy who delivered it to my place was approachable and nice.

Also are you bringing back your snickers cupcake version of this cake😋😋😋 - wishful thinking!

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